Why Let Facts Get in the Way of a Crap Meme?

50 percent and a load of irrelevant waffle … Must try harder.

The amount of idiotic memes doing the rounds at the moment seems to be increasing exponentially by the day. ‘Like if you hate cancer’ (Me? I love it!) … Like and this poor fucker gets a new dick … This shit has been exposed ages ago as ‘like farming’ and decent articles have been trying to hammer the message home ever since, but way too many people are – frankly – just clueless when it comes to the old Intranet.

This one above that has been circulating in Taiwan is not a scam as such, rather just very crap. Let’s do like MC Hammer and breggidown:


1) Lowest birthrate: wrong.

2) Last country using traditional characters: wrong (they’re used in Hong Kong and Macau, which are basically provinces of China. If you want to argue that they aren’t, well trad. characters are also used in Guangzhou and by calligraphers all over China. So shut it.)

3) Slightly bigger than Belgium: Pretty much true but so the fuck what? How about almost bang-on the same size as Guinea-Bissau or a third the size of Somaliland? What, not so cool?

4) Not Thailand: Erm …

5) Not in the UN: Yep.

6) First democracy: Tosh. Maybe they meant Republic, but leaving aside the fact that that lasted a couple of months, it would still be wrong.

7) Highest density of convenience stores: Congratulations!

8) Reading on a Taiwanese product: Nope. Well, at least not a Taiwanese brand.

9) Not a part of China: (genuine) Yay!

10) 100th birthday: Oh dear … Not this old chestnut again. 1911 … What was Taiwan’s status at the time. Rising Sun flags hoisted around the island as far as I’m aware. More rubbish.

So that’s 5/10, I make it. and of the half that are factual, I’d say two are vaguely worth writing home about. Not the best advertisement of how much you love your country this one, peeps.