Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp. shows its class

Aside from its flagship Taiwan Gold Medal Beer (the cans and bottles have images of medals from Brussels on them, but, seriously, what competition in Belgium would award that crap anything but the prize for “best beer in a green and white can made in Taiwan”?), the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp. also produces such pisswater as “Shaohsing Chiew” which it reckons is “world famous”.

Rollei Digital Camera

TTL RUM: Suavity incarnate.

But it’s in its manufacture of Western style beverages that TTL comes into its own. The company’s rum is noted for its “smooth and suavity” and the gin, we are informed, is “100 neutral” and “flavoured with a juniper” (just the one).

It certainly won’t be long before these fine products take the international markets by storm. You heard it here, first.

This is as unbiased a drop of booze as you'll ever come across ...

This is as unbiased a drop of booze as you’ll ever come across …


Doggy Style

Just as I’d got down all fours, I noticed Puli don’t play that shit!

I’ve seen my fair share of daft signs in Taiwan and more than a few in public toilets. Recently yer man at Ozsoapbox posted this but I reckon I have him beat! Granted, I think this one, which I scoped  in a bar in Puli Township in Nantou County a while back is, er, a bit of a piss take. But still … having experienced the sticky-piss squelch of some of the floors around the urinals in this country, it wouldn’t surprise me if one or two fuckwits had attempted the canine technique …