There is no way that thing is mine!

OK, this story looks like it was from a couple of weeks back but FTNM has just got hold of it and I ain’t letting go!

Apparently this guy Jian Feng sued his wife for being ugly! Bad enough. But … drum roll … he WON!

It all started when his missus have birth and Jian noticed the baby was ugly as sin. Presumably Jian is god’s gift to the ladies (no pic available) … ¬†Anyway, convinced there was no way he could’ve sired such a minger, he did what any man would do and drew the obvious conclusion: The missus must’ve been having it away with “Handsome Boy” Huang the local baker’s delivery boy (I may have made that last part up).

Rather than indulge in a customary round of slap the missus, Jian demanded to know what was going on. His wife finally fessed up that she had been burn a butters and had paid for $60-odd grand’s worth of plastic surgery to disguise her butt ugliness. So, quite justifiably, Jian sued her formerly-ugly ass for fraud or something like that.

The judges found in his favor as she had snared the poor fellow under “false pretenses”. Heaven knows what is going to happen to the baby, the poor lil gargoyle. Imagine when she grows up …

“Hey, isn’t that Mei Ling, the one who’s old man sued her mum when he saw how ugly she was?”

“Yeah, that’s her … Poor cow. To be fair, you can see his point though, eh?”