Taiwan Football: Rubbish Cheats

Some rubbish Taiwanese football players, possibly following some cheating ...

Some rubbish Taiwanese football players, possibly following some cheating …

The Taiwanese love to accuse other people of cheating – mainly Korean people. I don’t know why this is. Someone told me it’s something to do with the old days when both places were colonies of Japan and the fact that Koreans actually stood up for themselves (and at least tried to ovethrow the Japanese) whereas the Taiwanese just bent and over and took a good rogering. Another reason that has been put forward is simply that the Taiwanese see Korea as their main competitor or basically as a slightly better version of themselves. The fact that the Koreans don’t seem to even vaguely register Taiwan makes them even more pissed off.

Anyway, people in Taiwan rabbitting on about cheating is a blatant case of pots and kettles if ever I’ve heard one. I mean, anyone who has been involved in “education” in this country knows about the ridiculous amount of cheating that goes on at all levels. It’s pretty much ingrained and institutionalised. It’s hardly surprising that kids up and down the country cheat their little arses off at everything when the people in power are about as straight as a bleedin roundabout. What hope does society have when the example they get from the government is so appalling?

Speaking of the authorities, it appears they’ve been at it in that oh-so-popular of Taiwanese sports, football (known to my Yankish pals as SAH-kurrr). Sports in general is one area where they’re always bemoaning Korean cheating but they’ve got a cheek. Just google Taiwanese baseball scandals and see what you get about their league here (the CBL or something, it’s called). A Taiwanese mate told me the entire history of what is apparently a pretty rubbish league is littered with examples of cheating at the highest level.

Anyway, it appears that they are now even cheating at sports that they are bona-fide shit at playing. The HEAD of the Taiwan national football association no less has been accused of rigging the national team’s games to win massive bets on them.  You can read the whole report here on the government news website. I find it hard to believe that a figure of over a million US dollars is being mentioned here. I went to the stadium to watch a game with a mate a couple of years ago and it was pretty much empty. The “ticket” to get in? A 711 receipt! Seriously!

Also, it appears the football chief was betting on his boys to lose (i.e. throw the match) but surely they don’t have to try too hard to achieve that given how abjectly pants they are. The FocusTaiwan article seems to say the odds were in Taiwan’s favour, which I find amazing but I suppose they were the home team and playing an even rubbisher team (beggars belief) …

Anyway, whetever the case, I would guess that if this shit gets proved, which from the sounds of the geezer (who has a record as long as your arm of dodginess) it probably will, Taiwan will get booted out of its group, which I think is qualifying for the World Cup in Russia. I don’t think they would have had much chance getting through anyway but how embarrassing is it to be one of the very shittest teams in the world and still get booted for cheating?

Come to think of it, maybe that was the plan: Save some face by preventing a series of drubbings! Nice ruse!


Bad Winners

Some pillock burning a Korean flag in Taipei a few years back.

Some pillock burning a Korean flag in Taipei a few years back.

Now, being a Britisherist, I have no time for the silly girls’ sport known in England as rounders, but I’m glad to see Taiwan doing well at anything. They don’t get a lot of time in the limelight, and when they do, it’s usually for negative reasons brought about by saber-rattling from Big Brother across the Strait. So good on em for getting through to the next round of this baseball thingy that’s going on here in Taiwan, by beating their arch nemesis South Korea 3-2.

There’s just one thing that detracts from all the euphoria and that’s the ugly nationalism that seems to surface anytime Taiwan locks horns with Korea in any arena, be in online gaming or tiddlywinks. You’d think that people would just be happy they qualified. But when I looked at the missus’ FB page this morning (I don’t used the cursed thing), I noticed more comments crowing about the fact the Korea went out (even though they won the game concerned) than there were whoops of joy for Taiwan. Rather mean-spirited and, frankly, lame I thought. Some of these comments were in English (like the people concerned wanted all their English-speaking pals to know such pleasant opinions as: “fuck you cheating Korea, go back home!”).  The majority were in Chinese, which my missus translated, and some of these were really unsavoury.

One that stuck out was when a friend of the missus actually spoke out against all the “kimchi” (as they call them) baiting, saying it was stoked by the media (quite true from what I can see) and that the Koreans were no worse than any other nation when it came to underhand behaviour in sports. Her rational, fair-minded comment was met with a barrage of derision including a comment that my missus helped me translate that ran: “Koreans are especially dirty. anyone who has eyes can see their sly little moves. It’s not the media that is discrediting them, just their own dirty play.” Sounds like racist bollocks to me.

Now I come from a country where that kind of xenophobic ranting is way to prevalent in sport. I suppose the Germans would be our equivalent or Italy if we’re focussing on “cheating”. But even so, you would not get the ludicrous bias that I later had pointed out to me by an American mate  who is a bit more clued up about this stuff. As we (well him, really – I was just an innocent bystander, honest) watched the highlights on ELTA, the TV channel showing the games, he observed that no once did they replay ANY of the Korean action. Even though Taiwan LOST the game, they played the Taiwanese hits and successful plays over and over again in a highlight reel.  This included not ONCE showing the home run that the Korean batter hit off Taiwan’s star pitcher (forget the name), which I think won the game.

I mentioned this to my girlfriend’s mates over a drink and they replied that any country would do the same, favouring the home nation. But think about it. As biased and blinkered as we are back home, can you really imagine the Beeb showing England’s two goals over and over and conveniently leaving out the three, say, Germany scored to win the game. It would be barmy and, quite frankly, embarrassing. It actually sounds more akin to the “alternate reality” type broadcasts you get from totalitarian regimes. (I’m recalling the other Korea’s shutdown of a public broadcast during S. Africa 2010. If i remember correctly, they showed a group game against Ivory Coast on the back of a strong performance in the first match against Brazil – probably on fear of being sent to the gulags – then switched it off mid-pasting).

Anyway, well done Taiwan, but remember – it’s not just losers who can be ungracious.