About Moi

I’m in my late 20s, originally from London and now living in Taiwan. I’m not seeing an awful lot that reflects Taiwan the way I see it, so I’m dropping these posts mainly, as the title suggests, when I have some time at night, bringing ’em straight fromthenightmarket


2 responses to “About Moi

  1. Darky ⋅

    Oh man, you gotta love how they treat non whites. If you think they are being racist with the “dangerous” whites, you should see how they look at darker skin ones.

  2. Gadoehman Cessa ⋅

    Your blog is so refreshing bro, so happy you finally managed to get yourself out from your own world. See…world is not as small as you think, and you will find more weird and crazy things from another world you never been there before

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