How to Troll PRC PRATS

I’m no gamer but this goading by an American fella playing online games against some knobheads from China is fucking hilarious. They get so het up, they even start getting confused about the rankings for world’s greatest country! Brilliant.


This dickwad works for ISS, a Danish Multinational in Taiwan. Spread the Word to Local Press … Shouldn’t be too Hard to Find the Cunt

FTNM is not one to do reserve. If I’d been the forriner in this vid, this bellend woulda had his head kicked in and currently be resting in the deep bamboo by now.

Still, he’s got the chump on video, even though Mr. Tuff Guy wouldn’t give his name. As the forrin fella seems to be having no joy with the cops let’s get the fine folk in the Taiwanese media on fucktard’s case.

Real easy. He’s a security guard for ISS, a Danish company in Taiwan. It says so on his grimy, unbuttoned uniform. What a gibbering fucking moron!

Here’s the ISS Web site:

And their address is here:

My Chinese reading being non-existent, my mate says that is 10F, No.20, Bade Rd, Section 3 in Songshan.

Let’s spread the word and have the press round there first thing bright and early. I’m sure Mr. Man will be pleased to explain his views on trash loawai to all and sundry. Happy hunting!