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Men in Tights … Another Stupid Taiwan Trend

Since I’ve been in Taiwan, there have been some ludicrous fashion and clothing trends. One that refuses to die and is still lingering on like a putrid fart in a lift is the “lenseless glasses” fad. This has to be one of the most idiotic and annoying things ever. Every time I see one of these peabrained prannies, I feel like pretending to trip over and conveniently “landing” with two fingers in their eyeballs. It’s mainly young girls who adopt this stupid “fashion” but one other style I’ve been coming across a lot recently can be seen on young men all over Taipei. I’m referring to the lycra leggings of the type you can see being worn by this guy in the following photo.

“You wear tights?”
“I wear the required uniform.”

Now, people try to excuse this disgraceful trend by saying it’s for basketball blahdee blah. So I asked someone who plays basketball at uni with his mates and who I caught wearing these why he needed them.

Lycra legging-wearer: “Because it’s cold.”

Me: So why not wear tracksuit bottoms?

LLW: Because these stop you from sweating.

Me: So why wear the shorts on top? Why not just wear the legging with nothing else?

LLW: (Starting to look embarrassed) Because that would look …

Me: (keeping staight face and playing the innocent) … Look what? What would be wrong with that?

LLW:Because it would look like a girl or ….

Me: What?

LLW: Maybe like a gay. (his words)

So, there you have it. This guy could see that wearing complete leggings, uninterrupted by shorts would look “like a gay” or, let’s say rather effeminate, yet wearing them under the shorts looks just fine.

Anyway, all these types claiming they wear them for basketball so tey don’t sweat are full of shit. No one was wearing these things a couple of years ago and I’ve even seen some obese types busting them these days. And, it seems the louder and uglier the patterns on these things (just check the shit on my man in the pic), the better. If these were purely for athletic purposes, why the need for the garish designs?

Let’s get this straight: None of these twits is LeBron fucking James, just like the pathetic day cyclists decked out in similarly shiny, overpriced pro garb who can’t even make it up a molehill in the easiest gear are not Armstrong (on or minus the roids).

These people don’t need these daft accessories, they just think they look “cool”. But they don’t. They look fucking shit and when young, try-hard “hip-hAHp” types don them, it’s even more embarrassing – they look like complete pansies. Seriously, have some self-respect you tarts!


2 responses to “Men in Tights … Another Stupid Taiwan Trend

  1. Garry ⋅

    What about the lovely manbag as well?

  2. Ha! Hadn’t even noticed that beauty. Prize tart.

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