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Taiwan Football: Rubbish Cheats

Some rubbish Taiwanese football players, possibly following some cheating ...

Some rubbish Taiwanese football players, possibly following some cheating …

The Taiwanese love to accuse other people of cheating – mainly Korean people. I don’t know why this is. Someone told me it’s something to do with the old days when both places were colonies of Japan and the fact that Koreans actually stood up for themselves (and at least tried to ovethrow the Japanese) whereas the Taiwanese just bent and over and took a good rogering. Another reason that has been put forward is simply that the Taiwanese see Korea as their main competitor or basically as a slightly better version of themselves. The fact that the Koreans don’t seem to even vaguely register Taiwan makes them even more pissed off.

Anyway, people in Taiwan rabbitting on about cheating is a blatant case of pots and kettles if ever I’ve heard one. I mean, anyone who has been involved in “education” in this country knows about the ridiculous amount of cheating that goes on at all levels. It’s pretty much ingrained and institutionalised. It’s hardly surprising that kids up and down the country cheat their little arses off at everything when the people in power are about as straight as a bleedin roundabout. What hope does society have when the example they get from the government is so appalling?

Speaking of the authorities, it appears they’ve been at it in that oh-so-popular of Taiwanese sports, football (known to my Yankish pals as SAH-kurrr). Sports in general is one area where they’re always bemoaning Korean cheating but they’ve got a cheek. Just google Taiwanese baseball scandals and see what you get about their league here (the CBL or something, it’s called). A Taiwanese mate told me the entire history of what is apparently a pretty rubbish league is littered with examples of cheating at the highest level.

Anyway, it appears that they are now even cheating at sports that they are bona-fide shit at playing. The HEAD of the Taiwan national football association no less has been accused of rigging the national team’s games to win massive bets on them.  You can read the whole report here on the government news website. I find it hard to believe that a figure of over a million US dollars is being mentioned here. I went to the stadium to watch a game with a mate a couple of years ago and it was pretty much empty. The “ticket” to get in? A 711 receipt! Seriously!

Also, it appears the football chief was betting on his boys to lose (i.e. throw the match) but surely they don’t have to try too hard to achieve that given how abjectly pants they are. The FocusTaiwan article seems to say the odds were in Taiwan’s favour, which I find amazing but I suppose they were the home team and playing an even rubbisher team (beggars belief) …

Anyway, whetever the case, I would guess that if this shit gets proved, which from the sounds of the geezer (who has a record as long as your arm of dodginess) it probably will, Taiwan will get booted out of its group, which I think is qualifying for the World Cup in Russia. I don’t think they would have had much chance getting through anyway but how embarrassing is it to be one of the very shittest teams in the world and still get booted for cheating?

Come to think of it, maybe that was the plan: Save some face by preventing a series of drubbings! Nice ruse!


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