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MRT Passengers Need to Grow a Pair

Listen you fuckers, why doesn't one of you kick the shit out of me, eh?!

Listen you fuckers, why doesn’t one of you kick the shit out of me, eh?!

Out on the lash tonight … just staggered back and can’t be arsed to figure out howto embed the video from the news article below, so I’m just posting the link here.  It’s from the local news service United Daily News and shows some forriner going apeshit on the MRT. They’re claiming he is Czech but it certainly doesn’t sound like to me. Anyhoo, this fool is ranting and raving and no one does a damn thing. I was out with a Mexican and American pal tonight and they both said this guy would have copped a beating bigtime if he’d been trying to chuck it like this on public transport in their home countries. Actually, in the States, he’d probably have a cap popped in that ass, as the gangster rap types say. If he’d been spouting that shit in London, especially the given the way he was slagging the locals off, then I’m pretty sure he would’ve got battered, too. I do reckon he has some mental issues, but unfortunately that’s not going to stop you catching a clobberin. In fact, it might even invite an even quicker end to your ravings as people ain’t going to take the risk that you might start getting physical, to quote, er, Olivia Newton Jones, was it? That’s just the thing though … The geezer’s whole “point” (yeah, it’s hard to find one in the midst of all that mouth-frothing madness) seems to be that Taiwanese area spineless bunch who don’t stand up to aggression and conforntation of the very sort he is exhibiting. And, it’s an ironic kind of paradox that he sees to be right! The only fella who says shit to him seems to receive his congrats and hearty pat of the back before he launches into his rantings again to tell the others that “his friend” is the only one standing up to him. In a way, it’s a kind of fascinating point. “I’m going to act like an utter cunt to prove that you lot don’t stand up to utter cunts”, though I doubt he has actually had the clearvision to formulate a strategy in that way. Anyway, mental illness or not, someone definitely needed to slap some sense into him. People were saying all over Facebook and online media that he didn’t touch or even physically threaten anyone but that’s bollocks. He was getting all up in people’s faces and he was clearly actually touching one bloke near the end. The guy in question seems to only grow a pair of gonads once the staff, who I guess were alerted by someone on one of the intercoms, get on the carriage. He then appears to mutter some half-hearted stuff back at our headcase hero. As people have mentioned, this guy went at it for well past the amount of time that skinny little fuck had to kill four people on the MRT last year, so – sorry dude, if you’re just a general loon, or having a meltdown cos your cram school finally got tired of seeing your old miserable arse getting older and more miserable in front of tearful toddlers, and gave you the chop, but you get that aggro that close to me and you get tiger uppercutted the fuck out. Oh, and when I slammed that shit into GoogleTranslate, I saw the article referred to “Adoulah” which I know is a Taiwanese word for forriners that isn’t polite. I read somewhere that it came from Japanese as when they pointed at forriners, they would say “Look, a dog, ah!” Not sure if that’s true … also heard that it means “big nose”. Whetever, trust the local media to put these fucking discriminating words in their articles for no reason than to get a racist dig in. The geezer was a twat, not a “foreign twat”. I also saw people on the Taiwan News in English thread saying “Another forriner being out of order etc.” Why are they saying “ANOTHER” like this is what we expect from loa wai all the time  …? Seems some forriners have been here too long and go in for the tarring everyone with the same brush mentality that passes for insight into other cultures to Taiwanese. Self-loathing mo-fos.


4 responses to “MRT Passengers Need to Grow a Pair

  1. inguoren ⋅

    Not sure that any confrontation with a disturbed person like this on the MRT or public transport in any big city is the smart way to go – call the authorities. Only excuse for intervention is if the nutcase exhibits a real threat of actual physical violence to other passengers. Since I’ve been here I’ve missed out on lunies on the MRT – laowai or local!

  2. Mate, not sure what part of “inguo” you from but round my part of town, you’d catch wreck for this. People don’t think about “the smart way to go”, they think about dealing with that shit before it even gets to the physical stage. Sides, as I’ve said: The guy blatantly was exhibiting the threat of violence as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Honestly don’t see how “beating him up” would have been a better outcome than the one we saw.

  4. Don’t think I actually said him copping some licks would’ve been a “good” outcome. In fact I don’t even think I said he “should have” been beaten (granted, I said “needed a good slap” but that’s a turn of phrase in the UK to mean someone is asking for it). What I was clearly getting at was that in many countries around the world, he WOULD HAVE been beaten and/or a lot worse. Two mates from Central America said he would have highly likely have had some serious unpleasantness heaped upon him as, out in those parts of the world, you just never know what exactly is wrong with the person (could be drugs or some kind of psychosis that suddenly spirals into violence) and are not going to wait around to find out.

    Again, not really advocatin beaten on the fella, just saying that, like it or not, that’s what would happen in many places and that, if I were in London (probably not here as I just don’t tend to expect things to get violent), I might well nip it in the bud if someone was getting this aggro.

    What about the MRT killer, then? It’s all very well saying a violent reaction wouldn’t lead to a “good outcome” but that’s hardly an objective rule. At what point is it OK to react – only when he starts jooking people up? Bit late then isn’t it? If potentially violent conduct is preempted …

    Reminds me of an arsehole cab driver here who drove like a maniac down a narrow alley forcing me to jump out of the way to avoid getting whacked by his wing mirror (at the very least) and then, when I called him a prick, asked repeatedly “Did I hit you?” So it’s OK up until the very point that you make contact? Seems like a bs line of reasoning to me.

    Again, this guy does actually seem to make physical contact with the guy on the right at one point – touching him in the face. Or what about when he comes over and starts shaking hands? Given the previous behaviour he has displayed, wouldn’t you be wise to be on your guard in case he pulls some sudden move on you? And if you weren’t I can just hear people scoffing about how stupid you were for shaking hands with a maniac like this without being ready for a sucker punch.

    Each to their own. It’s nice things ended “happily” for all concerned and I’m not sad the guy didn’t end up flattened, but, equally, if he’d been laid out, I wouldn’t have lost a lot of sleep. Just being realistic.


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