Load of Rubbish

I met a mate late after work last night up in Xinbeitou. I don’t know the area well, but my first impressions were that it’s a pretty nice place. My mate lives right near the park so we went in there to have a couple of beers.

That’s when I saw this shit.

20150301_233029 20150301_233043 20150301_233058
20150301_233421 20150301_233306 20150301_233256

There were dozens of these crappy lunch boxes all over the park. It was fucking disgusting. There was also loads of McDonald’s and KFC litter strewn everywhere: the walls, bushes, you name it.

As the “bindan” as these cheapo rice n meat n veg lunches are called were all from the same place, it was obvious this was done by a group of slobs.

This was confirmed by this banner, which my mate, who reads a little Chinese, said was advertising a temple-based event for some visitors from Changhua Country, which is in Central Taiwan.


After these god (or Buddha) fearing folk had stuffed their faces and done whatever stupid ritual it was they got together for, they left their filthy mess all over the park. Un – fucking – real.

Now, I know what some people will say: It all gets cleaned up anyway. My Taiwanese have sometimes said such stuff when I’ve grumbled about rubbish being left on the pavement. But so what? Is that any excuse to behave like this? It’s absolutely repulsive and really does my nut.

This park looks like a nice place on a normal day but when the Changhua faithful are in town, it seems it’s a free-for-all, with everyone allowed to behave like mannerless cretins. What a bunch of dirty, selfish guttersnipes.