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More Racist MRT Shit

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Daddy, I can’t believe you don’t know the rules despite having lived in Taipei since before I was born.

Seriously, enough is a fucking nuff. Why oh why does every wrongdoer in MRT ads have to be foreign?

I’ve already commented on the blatant racism in MRT ads showing whities and forrin-looking types robbing and molesterin innocent locals. Even though this one is less blatantly offensive, it’s still the same old shit: westerners breaking the rules. At the very least, it is saying “Hey, you dumb forriners, learn the rules.”

The various excuses I’ve heard from locals range from: “It just happens to be a white person” to “Well some foreigners might not know.”

Both of these excuses are rubbish. If it just happens to be a whitey, why is the guy’s missus a local (I guess we should be happy that they’re portraying mixed marriages) who is telling him to stop his naughty conduct? Though less malicious than the robber/molester ads, this ad is even more annoying in a way because the wife and kid know the rules but he doesn’t. If he’s been around long enough to have a kid of, what around six-plus years old and she knows what’s what, don’t you reckon he would as well?

I’m surprised the mixed-race kid isn’t depicted as half breaking the rules, say, perhaps eying the food and considering munching on it. After all, these half-breeds aren’t technically Chinese are they? From what my mate with two little girls of a similar age tells me, it’s a thing of wonder to most (non-mixed race) Taiwanese that these “foreigners” can speak Chinese.

Who woulda thought that a mongrel child born in Taiwan, educated in local schools and constantly hearing and communicating in Chinese with friends and relatives would be able to master the tongue. Well done! But I’m digressing into another rant here …

Anyway, enough of these stupid fucking ads Taipei City. At the very least they are patronising and to many of us forriners, they are downright rude.

Oh and why the fuck does it have “no chewing betel nut” in English? How many foreigners are likely to be doing that, eh? Dumb as anything.


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