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Comical behaviour

Oh, Shao Ming, this is the best date we've ever been on ...

Oh, Shao Ming, this is the best date we’ve ever been on …

What is with with grown adults reading comics here? I’m not talking graphic novels or anything half serious but crappy Japanese manga comic books (again, not the cool stuff, but Doraemon and “One Piece” – that pirate cartoon that is an obsession here).

There are shops selling (and renting?) this crap all over Taipei and you can see people of all ages and walks of life sitting in and outside these places wasting hours of their time on stuff that wouldn’t be challenging to the average seven-year-old. I’ve seen businessmen types, suited and booted sitting on the porch of these places (there’s usually seating outside) captivated by these mindless things.

I guess we should be thankful that they are reading something – aside from this rubbish and textbooks, Taiwanese in general do not appear to be big readers. I’m not saying people back in the UK are bookish but you see many more people reading on the tube and elsewhere in public in London and other cities. And while it might not be literary classics, at the very least I’m talking about books that aren’t peppered with pictures.

Just have a look at these two above. A couple (I gathered this from the one bit of physical contact they made during the near half and hour I saw them on the MRT – a brief touch of hands), they barely so much as glanced at each other while chuckling away at their comics (One Piece, I think). When the gimp of a guy did speak to his paramour, it was just to ask if she was finished and wanted to swap (she declined).

Seriously, I know they’re not hurting anyone, but that ain’t going to stop me what declaring: what a pair of fucking saddoes.


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