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In the Bag

My bag has had a very hard and day and is very tired ...

My bag has had a very hard day and day and is very tired …

You can’t really see it very clearly in this snap, but this prick insisted on hogging a space on the MRT with his oh-so-precious bag. Why do so many shitheads do this on public transport? As you can see from his “rabbit-in-the-headlights” look, he seemed to have clocked the fact that I was homing in on his sorry arse. Did it result in him taking his silly little bag off the seat? Did it fuck.


2 responses to “In the Bag

  1. FatB ⋅

    Do what I do, just sit on it. Generally the selfish B’s make a last minute grab to take their crap out of the way accompanied by an “oh”, as if it could never have been anticipated that someone might sit down. Occasionally they don’t move and you sometimes get a satisfying crunch, take care though as it can backfire, sat on some class of cream buns or similar once, got that crap all over my shorts, course didn’t belong to anyone, “someone must have forgotten them”…

    • Hilarious FatB! I shall start utilizing this technique pronto. I may even deliberately target food as I can then claim it when the victim inevitably gives it up after my fat arse has squashed it!

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