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Another Fake Sleeper


There’s no denying this one has some good faking skills. I suspect years of practice is the key.

Fake sleepers are well-known phenomenon on the MRT that I and many others have remarked about before. These people sit in the priority seats and pretend they are asleep so they don’t have to get off their lazy fat arses and stand for a few stops for, say, an elderly person or a pregnant woman.

Sometimes locals and foreigners alike will ask “How can you be sure they are faking it?” There are several telltale signs. On some occasions, one can see several of them in effect at the same time, on others there might be just one giveaway clue.


The glass barrier is a great headrest and the perfect position for the one-eyed peek.


In the case of this tub of lard, there were two blatant red alerts. Firstly, she was suddenly instantly overcome with sleep as soon as an elderly couple stepped onto the MRT, having been A-OK for a good few stops before. The second undeniable bit of evidence was the series of darting looks she gave to see whether the coast had cleared.

I, and others, have observed these peeks before and they confirm the perpetrators shameless antics beyond any shadow of a doubt.



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