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Are you sitting comfortably?

I don’t know much Chinese but one phrase that seems to be popular is “hen wayshen”, which means “very dangerous”. You hear this expression all the time. Taiwanese are constantly going on about how dangerous various things are: swimming (most of em can’t, even though it’s an island), not wearing enough clothing, associating with forriners, crossing the road, even breathing. Everything is “hen wayshen.”

The funny thing is, most of the stuff they say is dodgy is safe as houses, while they indulge in ludicrously and idiotically dangerous practices without so much as batting an eyelid.

Just look at this barmy (no, that’s not balmy, my Yank pals) contraption.


This is some rickety little wicker chair tied onto a bicycle frame, presumably for the purpose of ferrying a little kid around. Said toddler is, of course, blissfully oblivious to the serious wayshenness of this stupidity and is, doubtless, not protected with any form of headgear, like 90 percent of the kids you seen on scooters around Taiwan, because that, you see, is not in the least wayshen.

As silly and amusing as this shit is, it’s actually pretty serious. People who ride tiny tots around on this deathtrap should be done for child abuse. Same goes for all the scooter riders who don’t put helmets on their kids, while wearing them themselves. Who do you think is going to get fucked up worse when coming off a bike – a grown adult who might be able to brace themselves or a baby who will be tossed through the air like a ragdoll?

The Taiwanese “wayshen” barometer is completely malfunctioning. The whole thing is bonkers.


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