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Sitting Bull

Been on an extended hiatus for a few months, out of the country on top-secret, undercover work. True, that.

No sooner am I back than I come across this idiot.


I don’t even have to know this individual to know what she’s like.

I’ve known em before and dissed em hard. she wasn’t exhausted to the point where she felt compelled to sit down in the queueing lane on the MRT platform. No. Even the most tired of people doesn’t do this. She wasn’t meditating. Nor was she upset, feeling sad, injured, or practicing for the Taiwan luge team at Sochi.

She just wanted everyone to look  at her the way the old pranny that I see near exit 1 of Zhongxiao MRT does every morning when he does his arm-flapping Tai Qi in the middle of the pavement. He could do it down the road at the park where all the other oldsters clap and flap but, no! It has to be right there with all the clamor and chaos – perfect spot for what i believe is meant to be meditative, contemplative exercise. Twerp.

And so too this muppet. Aren’t I cool and different? No. You’re not. You’re a fucking muppet.



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