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Aunt Bella’s Umbrella: Blockbuster Black Bastards

Black Bastards

Is she Umbrella?

Is she Umbrella?

Here I was just trying to update the FTNM stall with the latest dose of Taiwan Hitler-love (will have to wait til next time) when a mate had to go and ruin it with this far less tasteful little titbit. Apparently the focus of this English pronunciation primer is to make sure Taiwanese learners don’t confuse words with similar sounds.

With this in mind, a couple of examples are given on the front cover, to the right of expert-English-speaker-lady. (click the photos for a close up.)

Who, after all all, hasn’t not stepped stepped into a video shop and asked the clerk what Black Bastard titles are concurrently available? Actually, in Old Blighty, I’ve heard these Black Bastards are out of business now. A good thing, too.  Aunt Bella will be thrilled.

Now, here are some Black Bastards that never saw the light of day:


One response to “Aunt Bella’s Umbrella: Blockbuster Black Bastards

  1. GeorgeLanceRockwell ⋅

    Honestly, Taiwanese are not fond of Black people ate all (just like the whites whom they worship). This is no surprise at all.

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