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711 in Disgraceful Discount Shocker!

And here's one I stole earlier: Buy one, get the second one for 80 percent of the price. Or not.

Buy one, get the second one for 80 percent of the price. Or not.

I can read fuck all chinese, but you can bet your life I’ve figured out the hieroglyphs for important shit. “20 percent off the second can” is a good one to know. Or not. Maybe.

I’ve had some ridiculous refusals without satisfactory explanation in all kinds of service environments in Taiwan. Even so, when I removed the sign from the the rack on the fridge and brought it to them to prove fact that I was entitled to a discount (in taiwan  they tell you the percentage of the second item – in this case 80 percent of the original cost –  rather than the percentage you save, as  in the West, which kind of makes sense) and they still insisted ‘mei banfa’, I was gobsmacked.

It was the second time I’d been denied in a day on these particular beers. The first time (a sly lunch slurp) I’d let it lie as it was lunch time, i was with a lady friend, and i couldn’t be arsed. The friend suggested the deal must’ve been at a different chain of convenience stores. I knew it couldn’t be because these beers are a 711/Suntory joint venture.

Anyway, this second time, as I trundled home tonight, I really did kick up a fuss, getting a tubby local geezer in the queue on my side along the way. My big point was that the ‘opening date’ for the offer on the sign (4/17) was today and that, as  I’d been availing myself of this deal for weeks (first put onto it by me old mate Rasbret), something was amiss. Tubbster and I finally figured out that the signs for the discount  started a month late and ended a month early. Clerical error, it would appear. Still, having in my hand what you can see above, with the dates clearly delineated, I think they have a cheek denying me of my discount.

I actually had to stop at two more 7-11s to steal the badge of honour (it took me three stops to realise the mininions were in terror once this faux pas was exposed and so i had to teef it on the sly) and – whaddya know – as I went to procure the evidence, I was barged out of the way by a couple who were buying these beers on the exact same discount vibe. For once i just shut up and watched.

OK, I didn’t. I asked if they were going for the discount.  They confirmed that they thought they were getting a  deal as they plucked the bevs from the fridge. I disavowed them. The guy believed me but Ms. Miggins, his Missus Miggins, kept tapping the sign and repeating ‘there’s a discount’, (I repeated ‘Yes, I know, but it’s finished’) until she got blanked by the cashier and then suddenly pretended I didn’t exist .  Hubby looked me in the face like a real man and said ‘than you’.

The main moan = 711 are refusing to honour offers that are there in black and white for all to see. SKANK. According to their shit, this deal is on til June. Bollocks to the lot of em.



2 responses to “711 in Disgraceful Discount Shocker!

  1. Pal ⋅

    Yo just to let you know its only a 20% discount on the second item. It took me a long time to figure it out but instead of stating the discount they are stating what percentage you would be paying for the second item if that makes any sense. So incase they gave you no discount at all, I think this is just a mistake of cultural and grammatical differences

  2. Mate, I say that in the opening paragraph and explain the percentage stuff fairly clearly (considering the state I was in) in the second! Not sure what you’ve added here …

    As for the ‘a mistake of cultural and grammatical differences’ – no mate, it wasn’t. Not sure if you read the whole post (I don’t thinkl you’re a native speaker anyway) but I went to three separate stores. Actually, 4 including the lunch time one. They were all insisting there was no discount even though I’d been claiming it for weeks.

    Now I notice that the discount is on again. So, what I reckon must have happened is that there were two consecutive discount periods or they just fudged the dates first time round.

    Whatever the case, that first day of the alleged discount (i.e. 17/4) they categorically NOT allowing it (i.e. it wasn’t ringing up when they scanned the cans, so they were giving it the usual ‘mei banfa’ bollocks.) This was NOTHING to do with language/cultural differences. As I clearly state, they denied it to a Taiwanese couple, too.

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