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The Queen is Dead. Long Live Maggie Thatcher!

These old white chrumblies all look the same to me ...

These old white chrumblies all look the same to me …

It’s no news that Taiwanese people are in general shockingly insular when it comes to world affairs. I once had to oversee a general knowledge quiz at a high school and was astounded when hardly anyone in a class of 30-odd had heard of Nelson Mandela or knew what the capital of Spain is (I think, maybe two or three people knew Madrid and Mandela rang a bell for a couple).

In this blissful ignorance, as in most things, they seem to be aping the great nation whose ‘culture’ they so admire. But even the Yanks would surely not make such a pig’s ear of this one. In fact, they definitely wouldn’t as they couldn’t get enough of the old hag as all today’s gushing tributes indicate (Clinton’s fawning was particularly nauseating).

Basically mega-shite (according to foreign and taiwanese pals) TV channel CTI reported that the Iron Lady popped her clogs but ran pics and vids of the Queen. Oh dear. Interesting, they do show Maggie right at the end and look who’s she’s chilling with: her old mate Augusto Pince-nez. Great split-second of footage to choose. For all the Taiwanese I saw on FB today offering condolences and saying how sad it was and the like, you might want to look into who the harridan kept company with.

Anyway, the whole hilarious gaffe can be found here.  This is such an appalling fuck up that you’d expect heads to roll and some real soul searching; only this is Taiwan, so you wouldn’t, really. As usual I noticed that a lot of the commentary that my missus translated referred to how this embarrassed the country and made everyone ‘lose face’. Like 95 percent of anyone watching noticed anyway! All about face as ever, rather than the fact of being ignorant. As long as know one knows, everything’s all right …


2 responses to “The Queen is Dead. Long Live Maggie Thatcher!

  1. FOARP

    How dare you! If it hadn’t been for Maggie we’d all be speaking Russian nowadays and you’d be doing your blogging from inside the gulag!

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