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Just saw this monstrosity opposite Shinkong Life Tower at Taipei Main Station. I think it’s new as I’m around there quite a bit and am sure I would have noticed it before.

It’s basically an entrance to the underground. Where the people are standing under the light and in front of another ad, there’s a lift to take you down.

Not content with splashing their Golden Shower Arches everywhere in Taiwan, as in pretty much every other corner of the world, McDumpald’s have to ruin the landscape further with this grotesque monument to their crassness! It appears to be a group of eager young Chicken McNuggets queueing up to plunge off a diving board.Your guess is as good as anyone’s!

What a steaming pile of shit, honestly.

Slightly making up for it was this ingenious charging station for mobile phones opposite, sponsored by Durex. You stick something in the hole and Durex make sure you’re protected, well, charged … er, yeah, you get the picture.

Phone Sex. Oh come on,that was begging for it!

Phone Sex. Oh come on,that was begging for it!



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