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Falun Dafa are Bigoted Nutters


Falun Dafa is good, signs around Taiwan proclaim. Trouble is, they’re not. They are, in fact, just another bunch of dangerously brainwashed fuckwits.

I realise these lot are persecuted to the max in China (you can see them outside the National Palace Museum handing shit out and meditating) but they are definitely loons with some unpleasant beliefs. If you’re in any doubt, check out some of their Dear Leader’s ‘teachings’ here.

Gay people are fucked, as are darkies and mixed race children. They’re all part of some alien plot to fuck up the world, you see. Doesn’t sound a whole lot different to these insanos.


10 responses to “Falun Dafa are Bigoted Nutters

  1. Rich

    Dear editor,

    I noticed your disliking of the Falun Dafa spiritual movement appears to be largely due to a pretty major misunderstanding regarding the practice’s actual teachings. I refer you to the best-selling Zhuan Falun (Turning the Law Wheel) book, which is free to download from The book does not actually state anything discriminatory about homosexuality, the black race or mixed race. It only mentions that these phenomena exist and Falun Dafa followers are discouraged from participating in homosexuality or entering a mixed race marriage. Actually Falun Dafa is more about improving the mind, body and spirit through practicing five sets of exercises that resemble taichi or yoga plus reading books that teach people how to be more truthful, compassionate and tolerant in their daily lives. Try doing some of your own research instead of relying on other sources and you may be surprised how wrong some so-called experts are.

    • Dear Brainwashed Pillock

      “The book does not actually state anything discriminatory about homosexuality, the black race or mixed race. It only mentions that these phenomena exist and Falun Dafa followers are discouraged from participating in homosexuality or entering a mixed race marriage. ”

      Er … Nowt discriminatory there that I can see, then.

      “Try doing some of your own research instead of relying on other sources”

      So, do my own research, without relying on “OTHER sources”. Which source would you recommend, then? Oh wait … I reckon I have an inkling.

      The funny thing is “Rich,” you can find all this shit straight from the horse’s mouth EXACTLY WHERE YOU SENT ME! On your hallowed site, your Dear Leader Li Hongzhi is on the record as saying:

      “Repulsive homosexual behavior meanwhile bespeaks of a filthy, deviant state of mind that lacks rationality”

      Not only are you are a liar and stupid, you think everyone else is as thick as you. How can you barefaced come up on this blog and refer me to your deranged Wheel of Falun Fortune book as proof when it contains the very things I’ve said?

      I should give you the benefit of the doubt and say you obviously don’t do all that much research into these preposterous doctrines yourself but just take Madman Li’s blitherings at face value.

      BTW, speaking of preposterous and, more importantly, being thick as pigshit, the funniest thing I’ve ever heard Li spout is the Gabon nuclear reactor stuff (utterly ridiculed by the “French scientists” he claimed to be referencing. I think he actually believed it! LSFH!)

      If you’ve not come across it, I’d advise you to do the RESEARCH. Luckily for you, you can maintain your standard operating procedure of not looking at OTHER sources, as it’s all there dripping like jism from Master Li’s gash of a mouth.

      Next time, come strapped with a fucking pamper!

  2. Rich

    Dear bigot,

    Thank you for all of the virtue you have given me. A big chunk of karma has been lifted from my shoulders as you blatantly and abusively responded to my calm, well-considered and reasonable clarifications of your misunderstandings.

    If you don’t want to listen to others, it’s your choice. But be warned that what goes around comes around and one day when you are lying sick in your bed, think of all the horrible things you said and did to others to deserve that predicament.

    Falun Dafa people are peaceful and understanding but they also know that good is rewarded with good and evil is rewarded with evil. I hope your rewards whack some commonsense into your thick skull!

  3. ‘misunderstandings.’

    Where, though, mate? Where? Regardless of the language I’ve used, you’ve not denied anything I’ve said. You came here talking about ‘major misunderstanding’, claiming there was nothing discriminatory and telling me to do my ‘own research’ .

    When I called you on this and quoted directly from the FD dogma a laid down by His Flatulence, you had nothing – zero – with which to riposte, far from the “well-considered and reasonable clarifications” you’re wittering on about.

    And, mate, here’s some advice: just repeating what someone’s called you back to them playground-styley is not considered effective debating in most circles over the age of six.

    ‘I hope your rewards whack some commonsense into your thick skull!’

    Naughty, naughty! Not espousing violence there are you?

    p.s. I can’t deny that I “blatantly” responded to your claim. chortle …

    • Rich

      Dear slightly more willing to listen,

      The main Falun Gong books Zhuan Falun and China Falun Gong only mention that homosexuality exists. The Zhuan Falun 2 is not a main text, but a scripture deliberately intended to show how bad mankind’s morals have become, so naturally it was a very critical text to reference.

      A lecture the founder Li Hongzhi gave in Switzerland during 1998 explains more clearly why the practice of Falun Gong does not agree with homosexuality:

      Teacher: Think about it, everyone: Is homosexuality human behavior? Heaven created man and woman. What was the purpose? To procreate future generations. A man being with a man, or a woman with a woman—it doesn’t take much thought to know whether that’s right or wrong.

      Many other spiritual practices also disagree with homosexuality, especially Christianity. My personal disagreement with homosexuality as a Falun Gong practitioner doesn’t mean that I hate or feel repulsed by homosexuals.

      It’s actually the opposite, I feel much more understanding of them. My best friend and best man at my wedding was homosexual. It just means that as Falun Gong practitioners we do not participate in homosexuality.

      Regarding the Gabon Republic nuclear reactor, it didn’t come from Li Hongzhi per se. If you do a quick Google search, you will see it was extensively reported on by the Scientific American and other publications:

      Let me know if you aren’t sure of anything else regarding Falun Gong’s teachings or practice,


  4. Seriously, you’re just dissembling. There’s nothing you’ve showed me that I’ve not already seen. Who cares what the nature of that ridiculous screed is? You yourself are calling it ‘scripture’.

    You’re involved in an obvious logical bind when you say that the book does not attack homosexuality but is simply detailing the collapse of modern morality, because the examples in the book are an attempt to reaffirm this.

    To go ad absurdum on your ass, it’s rather like saying Mein Kampf was “a naturally very critical text” (I like the way you add ‘to reference’ btw, implying that I’m being sly by quoting your own ‘scriptures’) as it was dealing with the parasitical nature of the Jews, like this somehow justifies it. Potty!

    But really, all this is by-the-by. The vile quote I cited before speaks for itself. It is there in black and white and all your attempts at spin really don’t make a blind bit of difference.

    The ‘best man’ stuff is laughable. Some of my best mates are black etc. Out of interest, could you tell me who the person in question is? Surprise, surprise.

    Re: Gabon


    Li babbles about: ‘a large-scale nuclear reactor, which was so well laid out that it would be impossible even for modern people to produce it.’

    Well no shit is was impossible! The very first line of the SA piece you linked tells you that this was millions of years before man-made reactors! I read this fascinating SCIENTIFIC story years ago. I can only presume you are once again being disingenuous as you seem bright enough to realise what this article is saying. Perhaps, though, you didn’t even really read it.

    Let’s get this straight: Li has been roundly ridiculed for his utterly idiotic statements about this for years. YOU go and look. You can find rebuttals all over the place (if, indeed, most intelligent people can even be bothered to rubbish such muddle-headed thinking).

    It was NATURAL FISSION, not some evidence of alien/advanced prehistoric civilizations. Li, who harps on about about his ‘meticulous check[ing]’ is an unmitigated dufus/fraud/nutjob/all of the above!

    Here’s an extended quote, just so there can be no doubt:

    ‘To say something further, there is the Gabon Republic in Africa, which is rich in uranium ore. As the country was relatively backward, and it could not extract uranium from ore on its own, it exported it to the advanced countries. In 1972, a French plant imported this uranium ore. To their great surprise, chemical examinations showed that this ore had already been extracted and utilized, therefore they sent people of science to the country to investigate, and scientists from many other countries went there, too. They confirmed, at last, that this uranium ore was in fact a large-scale nuclear reactor, which was so well laid out that it would be impossible even for modern people to produce it. Then
    when was it completed? It was two billion years ago that it was completed, and it had been in operation for about 500000 years. This is a sheer astronomical figure beyond the explanation of Darwin’s theory of evolution. There are so many things like this ….’

    Utter gobbledegook.

    Now please, stop telling others to do their homework when they are clearly several light years ahead of you.

    Let me know if you aren’t sure of anything else regarding FTNM’s teachings or practice.


    • Rich

      Dear FTNM,

      If you aren’t willing to listen please let’s stop wasting our time here. Each time you write something irresponsibly, people like me will keep correcting your careless remarks until everybody sees you for the vile, uneducated and self-obsessed nobody you are.

      What do you have against black people? Why is it such a big deal that you have black friends? Was a black guy your best man at your wedding?

      You’re just a sensationalist writer-wannabe who couldn’t care less about the social implications of what you publish. You just like annoying people, sending a few barbed remarks and getting people all fired-up on your blog in a hopeless effort to get more people to read your garbage.

      From one award-winning writer to a nobody wannabe, let me just say your style of writing has no future and nobody will think of your highly for the hate-speech you spread.

      If Li Hongzhi and his teachings were so utterly ridiculous and unbelievable, there is no way 100 million people would be practicing and speak about so many benefits they enjoy from doing five sets of meditation exercises and reading how to be more truthful, compassionate and tolerant in the books Zhuan Falun and China Falun Gong.

      Li Hongzhi and the practice of Falun Gong boast thousands of awards, certificates of recognition and appreciation from all over the world.

      It’s pretty much your word against most of the world’s.

      Let me finish with these remarks. Sometimes when you see something you don’t like about Falun Gong, it’s actually reflecting something you don’t like about yourself. One finger points at Falun Gong, but three fingers point back to you.

      Your fight is not with Falun Gong. You are only fighting against your own desire to really discover what Falun Gong is. The best way to resolve this is to simply try it yourself!



  5. ‘let’s stop wasting our time here. ‘

    Mate … YOU came HERE. I don’t ban anyone but, please, don’t start lecturing me about wasting time. You came here and you can fuck off if you don’t like what you see.

    ‘What do you have against black people? Why is it such a big deal that you have black friends? Was a black guy your best man at your wedding?’

    What in the name of mesthuselah are you gibbering about now? I have no idea what this was supposed to mean. My point was that the ‘I have lots of gay/black friends’ line is the classic retreat of a bigot!

    I’m starting to revise my view: you’re a little simple, eh? I’m not claiming to be Flaubert, but pleeeease: Award-winning writer my bumhole!

    (NB. If you want to get into a pissing contest, the very line you use ‘From one award-winning writer to a nobody wannabe’ is grammatically wonky, though I’ll wager you can’t see why, just like when I ‘blatantly and abusively responded’ to you. Blatantly responding … Oh the temerity!

    Oh, and I’ve already told you once: repeating people’s words back at them is pretty damn puerile:


    ‘No, you’re vile!’


    ‘No, you’re the bigot! Nanananana!’

    Stop biting and get your own shit, aaaaaiiite?!

  6. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been fighting FLG BS for many years now, all started when some nut job shoved a flyer in my hand about organ harvesting, and when I looked into it it’s total BS.

  7. @ Bobby Fletcher: I’ve just looked at your old blog, the raison d’etre of which appears to be to deny literally any claim against the CCP. I’ve made it pretty clear in the original post that I believe these lot are subjected to blatant abuses by the CCP goons, so let’s not get mixed up here.

    Even your main focus on the organ farming is suss. Forget the Epoch Times dismissals etc. – China’ harvests plenty or organs from ‘executed’ prisoners – they’ve admitted as much and promised to stamp out ‘abuses’.

    But many many FD practitioners have clearly gone in custody and never come out, whatever your ‘proof’ about the camps. If they just happen to die in custody, do you really believe their organs wouldn’t be swiped as fast as the next ‘criminals’.

    My beef is with their bigotry and brainwashed cult-like qualities, not their freedom to practise and be safe from abuses by CCP torturers. If you’re denying they are pesrecuted and think ‘on your side’, I’d have to safe I’m more ‘on their side’ here.

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