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We DEMAND our rights … to have people executed! NOW!

Kill em! Kill em all! Appeal? What? Just KILL!

Kill em! Kill em all! Appeal? What? Just KILL!

Whether you agree with capital punishment (personally I think anyone who does either doesn’t think too hard about it or has some level of mental issues), there is something grotesque about demanding it is implemented in the name of “human rights”.

I’m not talking actual victims of crimes here or their families but “civic groups” who spend the day outside the Ministry of Justice, waving banners and hollering for people to be killed. Wang Wei-chun, a vindictive old shrew with a blood-lust spokeswoman for Taiwan Children’s Rights demanded that death-row inmates be put to death, complaining that  the government “had not carried out a death sentence in 21 months.” (I want an execution goddamnit! What’s with this dilly-dallying?!) Wang said she would sit there overnight, continuing to bay for blood protest.

“What did you do today, auntie?”

“Oh, I went on a rally …”

“That’s great. To demand rights for underprivileged groups?”

“Well, yes, Shao Ming, you could look at it that way. We are demanding our rights to have people murdered by the state! It’s a fundamental human right, you know?”

One can only hope that when Wang and ilk call for “the death sentence to be carried out in all cases, they aren’t extending that to some bozo who got caught teefing from a 7-11, but with bloodthirsty old harridans like this, we can’t be sure.



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