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University Addresses Concerns over “Concern” E-mail That Sparked Concerns

Students use offensive la

Students using language that “misinterpreted the justice and rationality of public speaking” recently …

The baldly stated thesis of this post:

The universities that are stopping students from “holding assemblies” let alone protesting are a fucking disgrace.

Taiwan constantly harps on about the “miracle” of its transition to democracy and hard-won rights but allows – nay – enforces regulations on students, preventing them even organising.

Turton has already gone over this sorry saga here. I don’t read Chinese but I’m going to stick my oar in and say this really is an embarrassing state of affairs. Having attended a university that is famous for its activist traditions, it sickens me to read this kind of shit.

Basically, much like the situation with trade unions, but far more disgraceful, many universities in Taiwan don’t allow any kind of student activism (it seems even student gatherings are banned by many unis). With some students agitating over the  deal to flush Taiwan’s press freedoms down the shitter  Next Media ownership furore,  the Ministry of Education apparently circulated some email telling unis to “show concern” over student activities.  .

A student body hit back, one of em called the Minister of Education Chiang Wei-ling a “hypocrite” and said he wasn’t fit for office and suddenly his university (Tsing Hua) is apologising to the guy and “to society” as a whole, and expressing its “profound heartache”  at the student’s “arbitrary conduct,” and base behaviour that “misinterpreted the justice and rationality of public speaking and ignored that people should show respect to each other during their interactions.”

This is what universities are for FFS! This really all pangs of PRC/fascist shit and shows exactly why the “concerns” (the only genuine ones in this shameful affair) of the students were bang on in the first place! Good luck to em.





2 responses to “University Addresses Concerns over “Concern” E-mail That Sparked Concerns

  1. FOARP

    Again, I have to say that I feel you’re failing to take into account the difference between the Confucian emphasis on harmony and what we, from our western perspective, would consider acceptible.

  2. OK, now I see what’s going on. You’re just plain trolling! Good luck with that.

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