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Faking the Funk


Rip-off Van Winkle

Now FTNM can, and does, spend hours bemoaning the despicably selfish behaviour one encounters daily on the MRT but the ‘fake sleeping’ technique  pretty much takes the biscuit. I’ve seen it mentioned on other blogs in Taiwan and on the news and there is no doubt it is a widespread ruse.

This self-centred grotbag was blatantly pretending. I know because I saw her peep when an elderly woman got on, then quickly make out that she was in the middle of snoozing again. What’s more, the odious trollop half opened her eyes again at one stage and saw I was aiming my phone cam in her direction. However rather than protest at my snapping her fakery, so desperate was this fathead to cling to her hard-won priority seat, that she instantly closed her eyes once again. I had my camera on the snapping noise effect mode so that there would be absolutely no question that I was capturing her mean-spirited behaviour and you can probably see a faint smirk of embarrassment  on her face that makes it obvious that she is NOT anywhere near asleep.

The fucktard next to her is not much better – a youngster hogging up a priority seat, too. The fact is, if there’s any danger of you (genuinely) falling asleep, you shouldn’t be plonking your fat arse down in the seat (I must add, by the way, the idea that almost all locals have that you’re not allowed to sit in these seats FULL STOP is misguided and clearly not backed up by the rules plastered all over the carriages. Basically it allows people to feel justified in not giving up a normal light blue seat because they aren’t ‘priority’ … I may come back to this point in a later post as I think it deserves a fuller treatment).


2 responses to “Faking the Funk

  1. FOARP

    In a traditional Confucian society such as Taiwan, harmony is prized above all. Whilst this kind of behaviour may seem unacceptible by western standards, we should be careful of applying those standards to local situations as you do here.

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