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Black and White Issue?


Was amazed to see this advertisement recently on an MRT platform. The blatant discrimination against dark-skinned people in Taiwan extends to advertising and its really rare to see black people in ads unless they are reinforcing some stereotype or other (NBA player, rapper, African tribesman etc.),

This image projects an image of black men that I don’t think I’ve ever come across in Taiwan – at least not in advertising . The company is also a Taiwanese brand. The thinking usually seems to be that people will be put off by “he ren” much in the way I’ve been told black teachers are rejected in Taiwan because they might “scare the kids.”

So fair play to these lot for bucking the trend. Maybe attitudes are slowly changing …



2 responses to “Black and White Issue?

  1. FOARP

    Don’t get it, what’s so strange about this?

  2. nothing. That’s the point.

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