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Welcome Taiwanese Comrades … For US$100!

Stroessnor: He liked em young …

Now I know Taiwan’s “diplomatic allies” routinely take the Michael. I’ll never forget Costa Rica jumping ship in 2005 after voting no to get the Taiwan issue on the UN agenda! (I swear the rep – it wasn’t the actual ambassador – even had the cheek to claim he didn’t understand the question!)

But Paraguay, Taiwan’s sole ally in south America, should show some gratitude. I mean, the KMT was always willing to play host to  lovable dictator Alfredo Stroessnor when no one else would give the paedophilic  psychopath the time of day. And, given Taiwan’s record of training fascist torturers Latin American police forces, we might speculate that Paraguay’s late Torturer in Chief Pastor Coronel compared notes with his counterparts at the Taiwan Garrison Command.

Pastor Coronel: Wiki lists his professions as “politician” and “torturer”. I think the most accurate description would probably be “nasty cunt”.

So, Paraguay, in appreciation of this deep friendship has decided to waive visa requirements for Taiwanese visitors. Well, kind of. Well, actually, not really at all. The droves of Formosans positively itching to visit the exotic country are now able to pick up a visa on landing. Asuncion is offering “this preferential treatment unilaterally” for a mere US$100. A hundred jib for  a visa that’s supposedly not really a visa anymore?! Sounds like a proper piss take to me.

Considering British nationals can travel there for free, this doesn’t strike me as quite the diplomatic coup that MOFA Director-General of Central and South American Affairs Jaime Wu is making out when he gushes about  “greater convenience” and “Taiwan’s gratitude for the facility”. Grow a pair, mate, and politely ask the Paraguayans: “Are you lot having a laugh, you cheeky buggers?!”

On a related note, I’d recommend John Gimlette’s At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig, a travel/history book on Paraguay. It’s magic and makes me want to visit the country to sample it’s craziness first hand. Be an opportunity for the gf to avail herself of the new “convenient” visa regulations, too …


4 responses to “Welcome Taiwanese Comrades … For US$100!

  1. FOARP

    As fun as it is to enter into an anti-Taiwan tirade, it should be noted that many other countries in the world ask such fees for their visa-waivers as well. The US for example – or am I detecting the slightest hint of US hypocrisy here?

  2. Aye FOARP, thought you’d thwump this guy with the “anti-Taiwan” angle and then you lost me with the US hypocrisy thing. Does “here” reference the beginning of your sentence or the post you’re commenting on? Seems a very quick change of subject, unless the Britisher poster is secretly Amurican.

  3. Bison ⋅

    FOARP: The U.S., I believe, is only charging Taiwanese citizens under the visa waiver program an approximate charge of US$14 for online registration, nothing like the US$100 that is mentioned in this post.

  4. Not for the first time I haven’t a clue what you are wittering about FOARP. What is anti-Taiwan here? Surely I’m having a go at the country’s treatment by its so-called ‘allies’?

    The US hypocrisy stuff is … well I really can’t make head nor tail of that. You been at the sauce or something?

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