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Bird Shit

Now FTNM is no art critic but we knows what we like and this sure ain’t it. It looks like some lame attempt to copy the “superflat” crap of Takashi Murakami. As that Japanese artist is, in my opinion, an utter fucking charlatan along with pretty much 90 percent of “contemporary” artists these days, this is even worse that shit.

“Daydream”, as it is called, stands in Taipei Main Station near one of the exits to the Q Square Mall and Taipei Bus Station. The placard describing the point behind the monstrosity is filled with insight.

Oh, so that’s what it means … Wait. It’s still shit.

“Water” apparently “flows from the bird head covering the young girl’s face”. Hmmm, perhaps I’m missing something. “A girl that would never grow up”. OK, maybe starting to make something approaching sense now. “A pencil that will never write”. Nope. Free flow bollocks again. Best of all is the fact that she’s “caught between montion and stillness.” I don’t see much “montion” going on myself, but – hey – what do I know.

Meanwhile, I dread to think how much taxpayer’s dough was spunked on this eyesore. Ridiculous.


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