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Civilized and rational anti-Japanese protest

The row over the little pieces of rock called the Diaoyutai Islands seems to have been dragging on forever.  I’m not going to claim I  know a lot about the issues at stake, but FTNM’s take is that China and Japan obviously aren’t going to war over this crap and it’s just a an excuse to do some chest-puffing.

In China it seems any time these kinds of spats with Japan occur (over anything from state visits to the Yasukuni Shrine to questionable interpretations of history in textbooks), it’s the perfect justification to allow people who are not usually allowed to do so to let off some steam, oh, and to smash up some Japanese shit.

With that in mind, it was good to see these in Guangdong Province blokes taking a more balanced approach.

The sign reads “Civilized patriotism. Rational anti-Japanese”. Of course. What could be more rational than running around butt-nekkid with a red water scoop covering your dangly bits and a placard denouncing Japan? I definitely prefer these clowns to the usual nasty nationalist dreck.

The best part for me is the surgical masks. They might be mincing around in their birthday suits but they still have to protect themselves from nasty germs and what not.  So Chinese! Some people probably wear that shit going to their graves.

Anyway, according to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, despite giving it the large, they were actually pretty pussy and deliberately picked a deserted road. Anytime a car or pedestrian approached, they running for cover, which appears to be what’s happening with the guy on the right in the photo.

Whatever, as I say, China would probably actually come across in a much better light if more people responded like this, rather than going bat shit and smashing shit up.


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