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Fun for all the family with Nazi accesories

Aaah, inni sweet: The Führer as a cutesy keyring.

Mark Lee’s designs often bear the slogan ‘I’m Mark’. This one might have added ‘also known as Adolf’.

Alongside the Autobot and Decepticon insignias, we have those other kids favourites, Nazioids.

What is up with Taiwan and all the Nazi paraphernalia? I’ve seen bloggers in Taiwan like Ozsoapbox here mention this shit before but even complaints by the German and Israeli trade offices don’t seem to make a blind bit of difference. They just keep on peddling this shit and it obviously sells. 

These keys rings were made or designed by some jester named Mark Lee who first off excused the use of the image by saying it didn’t have the same connotations in Taiwan and that it was just meant to be an angry boss. Lee later backpedalled and apologised after the image was used by another company called Ergotech in a magazine ad. 

Following a letter of complaint from the Israeli trade office, he said he said he was brushing up on his history and that he was sorrythat the image was used again but that there was nothing he could do as the contract with ergotech was already signed. But while 711 pulled the products off their shelves, they were still to be found at a Carrefour supermarket recently. Meanwhile, the Nazi flag stickers were on the rack among Yankees and Transformers logos at an everything store I was in a while back. You can find this stuff almost anyhwere – bumpers of cars, shop windows, t-shirts (I once saw a kid wearing Hitler’s face). In Taiwan, Nazi imagery = cool.  

The justification I’ve heard is that people just don’t know what it means and it doesn’t have any significance but when businesses get called on it they usually seem pretty embarrassed and withdraw the merchandise (at least temporarily). anyway, ignorance is no excuse. If you don’t know what something means, why use it in the first place?


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